What we offer

The Basic Pot: 2-hour pottery session, no frills, just pottery - $59 per participant, 16 participants max. 

The Music Pot: Create your masterpiece whilst listening to gorgeous Italian music by @jazzamoreduo - $99 per participant, 16 participants max.  

Package add-ons

-Additional catering service with Sicilian pastries by SUD Restaurant + $300

-Having a birthday party? Add a custom cake from Sergio's Cake Shop from $150

The Beer Pot Sessions: We have teamed up with our neighbour and brewery, Willie the Boatman to offer boozy pottery sessions in the tasting room. 2 hours of bottomless beer or wine while you learn how to craft your very own pottery creations! To keep updated on when these sessions are running and to book your spot – keep an eye on The Italian Pot Facebook page and website. 

The Bespoke Pot: Bring your ideas and I will do my best to create your vision! I want to make pottery accessible to everyone and put together amazing experiences for my students.

If you have any questions around my services or need help creating a pottery event, I would love to hear from you.